Today’s Most Popular Stories

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Washington Times: 16 illegals sue Arizona rancher

Washington Examiner: Blue Dog nips Obama with a better stimulus idea

N.Y. Times: For Catholics, a Door to Absolution Is Reopened

L.A. Times: Suspect leads police on low-speed pursuit in a Bentley, kills self during standoff

USA Today: Chris Brown, Rihanna keeping a low profile

The Hill: Both parties lob criticism at Obama financial plan

Politico: Showdown: Obama warns he’s no pushover

ABC News: Obama: No ‘Easy Out’ for Wall Street

CBS News: Flight 1549: A Routine Takeoff Turns Ugly

Fox News: Chaos in Chris Brown-Rihanna Mess

CNN: Businesses in depressed Indiana town doubt Washington can help

Wall Street Journal: Beijing Hotel Tower Is Destroyed by Fire

NPR: Administration Outlines Bailout Spending Plan

Roll Call: Hoyer Criticizes Specter for Unwillingness to Compromise

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