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Washington Post: Auto Execs Fly Corporate Jets to D.C., Tin Cups in Hand

Washington Examiner: Federal workers await word on day off

N.Y. Times: Teenagers’ Internet Socializing Not a Bad Thing

L.A. Times: The mayor-elect’s new clothes: Silverton, Oregon, elects a transgender leader

USA Today: Lifeline Live: Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News from Hollywood

Politico: Zogby won’t duplicate Obama poll

ABC News: Parents Leave Kids With ‘Safe Haven’ Loophole

CBS News: 2 Months Left, Bush Says Goodbye, Quietly

Fox News: It’s Not a Tumor – Doctors Find Worm In Woman’s Brain Instead

CNN: No need for bailout, say diners near thriving car plant

Wall Street Journal: Bankruptcy Still Off Table for GM

MSNBC: Dems demand business plan from Big Three

Congressional Quarterly: Boehner Wins Second Term as House GOP Leader

NPR: Experts: Bad Economies Don’t Cause Crime Waves

Roll Call: Waxman Defeats Dingell for Gavel