Tim Russert Would Not Be Pleased

Poor Michael Finnegan of the LA Times…

At Obama’s Hollywood fundraiser, he made sure to get all the celebs names and spellings right in his pool reporet, but at the very end, he showed that he he clearly isn’t a Springsteen fan, mistaking “The Rising” for “The Horizon”:

    The fundraiser was a two-tiered event. Tickets were $2,300
    per person. VIP tickets were $28,500 per couple. VIP guests were able to attend a dinner with Obama before the general reception.

    The money was split between Obama for America, which could
    accept individual donations of up to $2,300 for the primary and $2,300 for the general, and the Democratic National Committee. The DNC could accept individual contributions of up to $28,500.

    Springsteen’s “The Horizon” played after Obama spoke.