This Exists: Fake Receipts Let You Fudge Expense Reports

fake_receipt_with_store_logo.jpgSick of expense reports?*

At least now you can get reimbursed for whatever you want.

The Sales Receipt Store will, for $15, print 15 receipts for anything you want. So your cheapo dinner at iHOP becomes an expensive steak dinner.

Note: We are not actually advocating that you do this. Even Sales Receipt Store emphasizes that these are for “novelty use only,” though then they go and undermine their credibility by reminding site visitors that most expense reports go unchallenged by their bosses. But no, don’t do that. We’re just floored that such a service exists for shady workers.

There’s apparently one kosher use for this service: We’re reading Hacking Work, by Bill Jensen and Josh Klein (the crow vending machine guy), out Sept. 23. In it, the authors describe a guy so sick of saving his receipts on business trips that he pays Sales Receipt Store to reproduce them at the end of the trip.

Whatever floats your boat, we suppose..

*We once worked at a company where the policy was to tape all receipts to 8.5×11″ sheets of paper in order to keep everything organized and easily photocopy-able. One coworker, out of ignorance or malice, don’t know which, would tape one receipt to each page, usually lopsided.