There’re Still 2.6 Million Jobs In America

…Unfortunately, they’re not the jobs we want (or are qualified for).

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Job Openings and Turnover Survey for May 2009 (the most recent month stats are available) shows 2.6 million job openings, or 1.9 percent, and a hires rate of 3 percent—the lowest since tracking began in 2000.

Most of the openings were in retail, education, and health, with only 17,000 openings in “arts, entertainment, and recreation.” There were 520,000 openings in “professional and business services,” which sounds encouraging until you remember exactly how many jobs fit under that category. (Hint: A lot. Managers/administrators, accountants, lawyers, scientists, IT professionals…)

The job openings rate is smaller in construction (.6 percent) and manufacturing (.8 percent) than AE&R (.9 percent) and P&BS (3 percent)…small comfort, but it’s there.

And, not surprisingly, the quits rate—which measures workers’ ability or willingness to change jobs—remained at an eight-year low at 1.3 percent.