TheLadders Paid Bloggers To Learn About TheLadders

TheLadders, the “only $100k jobs” job board, has not been having a good 2011.

First of all, nobody seems to like the board’s new commercials.

For another, the backlash against the board—claiming its business practices are fraudulent—has been getting louder.

So earlier this year, TheLadders invited bloggers and HR thought leaders to a “Position Accomplished” Summit in which the company would explain its stance on things.

According to Ask The Headhunter’s Nick Corcodilos, TheLadders picked up the tab.

TheLadders paid these folks “T&E” — travel and expenses — to attend the meeting in New York. Then it wined and dined them, and plied them with sugared-up stories about its business model, its phenomenal growth plans, and how it’s changing the world of job hunting and recruiting for the better.

Some of the bloggers, like Fistful of Talent’s Josh Letourneau, did not disclose in his writeup who had paid for his trip to NYC.

HR Consultant Mark Stelzner did disclose he’d gotten freebies and claims he tried to ask certain questions of TheLadders “at least ten times.”

The “hardball” questions included things like “You claim over 4M members – how many of them are paying?” and “How many people have found jobs as a result of their membership?” No answers.

Stelzner concluded: “These are not nefarious people bathing in greenbacks trying to figure out how to overtly screw the unsuspecting jobseeker. Instead, I sense an organization that’s truly struggling to understand why people are so angry with them and why they are being held to what they perceive to be a higher standard than their competitors. They are clearly passionate about what they’re doing and have a staff of over 400 cranking away on a daily basis.”

But none of the conference attendees mentioned what other HR bloggers have said, which is that many of the “exclusive” jobs on TheLadders can be found elsewhere for free and that not all the jobs are $100k jobs.

The vitriol continues.