Launches Business Channel appears to be continuing its march to online dominance with the announcement that it has launched a business channel., which went live today (Bank of America is the launch sponsor) will be edited by Megan McArdle and focus on business and economics featuring “original posts, dispatches, interviews and more from a range of experts”, including The Atlantic‘s Tyler Cowen, Conor Clarke, Arnold Kling, Jim Manzi, Grant McCracken, and Bart Wilson. The page will be edited Currently running on the site is an interview with uber-business journalist Michael Lewis.

According to The Atlantic this is just the first of several new online channels to be introduced. Full release after the jump.

Washington, DC and New York, NY (January 22, 2009) — As many publishers struggle to develop a digital strategy, is building on the online success of its brand with the introduction of several new channels. The first,, is dedicated to business and economics and launches today. Bank of America is a launch sponsor for the channel.

The channel will feature original posts, dispatches, interviews and more from a range of experts, including The Atlantic’s Megan McArdle, Tyler Cowen, Conor Clarke, Arnold Kling, Jim Manzi, Grant McCracken and Bart Wilson.

“The current volatile economic landscape has created an unprecedented demand for insight into the complex issues we all face,” said Justin B. Smith, President, The Atlantic. “With this launch, we’re helping our audience understand the big picture through the lens of The Atlantic’s acclaimed opinion and analysis.”

Fueled by the commentary of The Atlantic’s wide-ranging team of bloggers—including McArdle, Andrew Sullivan, Marc Ambinder, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ross Douthat, Jeffrey Goldberg, James Fallows and Clive Crook, has dramatically increased its traffic and cultural relevance during the past year. In 2008, it averaged 18 million page views and 2.6 million unique visitors per month, compared to 5.2 million page views and 1 million unique visitors per month in 2007. recently tapped WIRED’s Bob Cohn as Editorial Director.