The Weekly Standard Kicks Dissing Sarah P. Up a Notch

The Weekly Standard, often credited with launching the stardom of Sarah Palin’s, did something unthinkable in right wing world over the weekend:  They took a whack at the former V.P. hopeful, Alaskan Gov. and now TLC reality TV star in their pages. Not that we haven’t seen major hints of the GOP tiring of her with Fox News Contributor Karl Rove’s recent dismissals of her, but the story by Matt Labash loudly and clearly knocks her in ways the magazine rarely has. Even the headline mocks: “R U Lovin’ Sarah’s Alaska?’

The story ridicules Palin for everything from her unsophisticated tweets to her “flippin'” way of talking to dragging the fam onto a “tacky reality show.” Will The Weekly Standard now be part of the “lamestream media,” as Palin puts it?

An excerpt:

Gravitas, it’s safe to say, is the enemy of freedom. And freedom is about motion—being in it, staying in it. On the show, this involves seein’, and doin’, and experiencin’ things that don’t require a “g” on the end of them, such as shootin’, and rock climbin’, and snow machinin’, and clubbin’ halibut over the head (“let me see the club, you look crazy,” says Bristol to her mom when they do the deed on a commercial fishing boat) and media-critiquin’ and BlackBerryin’, which Palin gets caught doing even in the midst of wilderness adventures.

Described in detail are other reality shows airing alongside “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” such as “Ton of Love” and “The Man With Half a Body.” Read after the jump…

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska shares the network’s schedule with shows like Ton of Love (“go inside the lives of three morbidly obese couples”) and The Man With Half a Body (“meet .  .  . Kenny whose body ends at his waist and who walks on his hands”). Would John Adams feel comfortable exhibiting his children next to Toddlers and Tiaras, which follows families on their quest for “sparkly crowns, big titles, and lots of cash”? Would Abe Lincoln look diminished if he shared a marquee with I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant? Would William Jefferson Clinton feel at home next to Sister Wives, which explores “the complex daily life of a polygamist family”?
Okay, bad example on that last one.”

Read the story here.

U.S. News & World Report also writes on The Weekly Standard’s turning on Palin in its opinion pages.