The WaPo Search Begins, Or, Brian Stelter to Rule the World

Another day, another media match-making game. Now that Rupe has settled on who his new managing editor will be at the WSJ all eyes are turning to the Washington Post.

In the aftermath of last week’s WaPo buyout bonanza the NYTs is reporting that publisher Katharine Weymouth is on the hunt for a new executive editor to replace Len Downie. Who will it be? Jack Shafer has some ideas. Unlike the list the Times suggested, which included Jon Meacham, Marcus Brauchli, and David Remnick among others, Shafer thinks WaPo should put together a “less Post-centric list.” A few of our favs from his list after the jump.

Adam Moss: “[He] covers the city as though it were an independent republic, which many of its citizens think it is. Raised by a pack of wild magazines in the remote Yukon (some say Long Island), he understands the publication gestalt better than anybody.”

Chuck Todd: “Washington is a company town. The company town’s business is politics. The Post is the company town’s newspaper, so you could do a lot worse than hire Todd, NBC News’ political director and this year’s Mark Halperin.”

Brian Stelter: “We’re all going to work for [him] eventually, so why not get it over with?” OR Stepping stone to world domination.