The Times 25th


We call The Washington Times ‘America’s Newspaper’ not because we’re the biggest, the richest, the grandest or even the most important newspaper in America, but because we try to reflect the good, the worthy and the best of America.”

– Wesley Pruden, Editor in Chief

From Scott Galupo’s “Times challenges worldview of elites“:

  • If you had asked a member of that hardscrabble newsroom if The Times would be the vanguard of a media insurgency, you might have elicited a look of puzzlement or perhaps a modest line about ignoring the construction noise and just trying to put out a newspaper.

    Yet with 25 years in the rearview mirror, it’s clear The Washington Times helped unlock the liberal media’s grip on the news.

  • To some, The Times’ overarching mission — defeating communism — may have seemed quixotic in 1982; the Cold War had reheated, and the economic renewal and military reconstitution triggered by the Reagan administration had yet to gather steam.

    The founding vision of The Times proved prescient, and the methodology with which the paper pursued that vision had practical implications as well. By boosting the morale of the pro-American West and delivering a real, dependable product, The Times both instilled the spirit and created the architecture for today’s news counterestablishment.

  • The Times, however, has upheld traditional journalism standards with far fewer resources than its more lavishly funded competitors.