The Time 100: The Photo Evidence

100_2214.JPGSo like we said, the Time 100 Gala last night was packed with celebs and media folk alike. In fact, we took the elevator up with a very chic looking Martha Stewart only to find ourselves in line behind Harvey Weinstein and young wife Georgina Chapman as they walked the gauntlet of paparazzi (who were strangely uninterested in us, go figure).

After the dinner guests were treated to performances by Herbie Hancock and Mariah Carey (those of us in the Atrium could only hear Mariah…rumor had it she a)wouldn’t allow any video b)didn’t want to be filmed from her left side). A number of the honorees made toasts, including a late arriving Robert Downey Jr. who stole the scene when in the midst of thanking his father, who was sitting next to him, he paused to choke back tears. His father’s response (to much laughter): “I’m not your father.”

More pictures and highlights after the jump:

Rupert Murdoch and MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe — he was strangely unimpressed by the fact we had a MySpace Acct.

Bitch is the new black! We heart Tina Fey, her husband seemed really nice, also.

Anjelica Huston: making the whole idea of aging a lot less scary.

John McCain holding court.

SNL ladies Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig

Rachel Sklar, National Post’s Shinan Govani, and SNL funnyman Seth Meyers

Brian Williams and Judd Apatow

Swampland’s Joe Klein with the NYP’s Keith Kelly.

Money maven Suze Orman.

Lance Armstrong

Arianna Huffington Jared Kushner.

Charlie Rose and the woman who reminded everyone to start their sentences with “off the record” Samantha Power.

Commissioner Ray Kelly: who said our mayoral candidates lacked pizzazz?

A wolf at the table: Paul Wolfowitz.

Bill O’Reilly, you’d think he owned the place.