The Hill Lands 12 Finalists for SPJ Awards


The Hill has announced to the newsroom that it has 12 finalists for this year’s Society of Professional Journalist Dateline Awards. That’s three more than last year’s number of awards that the newspaper earned.

The potentially award winning reporters include: Jared Allen, Silla Brush, Jim Synder (now with Bloomberg News), Roxana Tiron, Kevin Bogardus, A.B. Stoddard, Jordy Yager, Kris Kitto, and Alexander Bolton.

My favorite headline is a story by Stoddard that reads: Obama and the Oinker. A seriously close second is Yager’s story: I was not a pretty girl and I felt like I was a man. (If there is a God they will read out that headline at Tuesday’s awards dinner.)


Read the internal memo from Editor Hugo Gurdon after the jump…

Congratulations are in order in the newsroom. The Society of Professional Journalists has informed us that we have 12 finalists in its annual Dateline Awards. This is the most we have had, which is great. The SPJ dinner is this coming Tuesday and we will follow up soon with more details on the award ceremony. Kudos to all.

Weekly Newspaper Investigative Reporting
Silla Brush “Little Oversight of AIG Before Bailout”
Jared Allen “Hide and Go Seek”

Weekly Newspaper Business/Financial Reporting
Jim Snyder and Silla Brush “Billions Still Up for Lobbyist Grabs in the Fiscal Stimulus”
Roxana Tiron “Lobbyist Hired to Combat Somali Pirates”
Kevin Bogardus “Lobbyists Raising Money for Lawmakers’ Portraits”

Weekly Newspaper Editorials, Columns, Commentary
A.B. Stoddard “Obama and the Oinker”

Weekly Newspaper Spot News
Jordy Jager “Republican Warning on Spies”
Alexander Bolton “Arlen Specter’s Tough Choice”

Weekly Newspaper Features
Kris Kitto “A Different Recovery Act”
Jordy Yager “Home on the Hill”
Jordy Yager “‘I was not a pretty girl and I felt like I was a man'”

Weekly Newspaper General News
Roxana Tiron “$400/Gallon Gas: Another Cost of War in Afghanistan”