The Freelance Life: Not All Fun & Games

Lesson: Just because you are a freelancer—and therefore don’t have to ask anyone for permission before running out to do an errand in the middle of the day—doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

We needed new tags for our vehicle. We were not prepared to spend the day at the DMV.

Yeah, yeah, everyone says you should be prepared for such an occasion but we had documentation! All our forms in order! A pleasant smile for the clerk and a thin paperback to pass the (short) time. Spending the day at the DMV was reserved for other people…who didn’t have the proper forms.

Alas, our theory that freelancers were actually superpowered demigods capable of skipping to the front of any line…shot down. (Full paper to be published in Psychology Quarterly, once it passes peer review.)

The moral of the story? We will get you some awesome content to look at over the weekend, so check back.

Until then, feel free to laugh mockingly. If it didn’t hurt so bad, we’d laugh too.