The Death of Newspapers, Part 15

simmons01.30.09.jpgFor those of you who don’t know, the Super Bowl is this weekend. The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Arizona Cardinals, whose feature star wide receiver is Larry Fitzgerald Jr. His father is a sportswriter for the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder who’s been embroiled in some controversy because he won’t sit in the press box during the game. It’s a non-story, honestly, but one that came up during Bill Simmmons’ marathon chat session earlier today with interesting results:

Pete, Mpls: Most overrated SB story?? All of articles of Larry Fitz Sr. not cheering from the press box. I’m 45 yrs old, have lived in the Twin Cities all my life and have never seen or heard of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, the newspaper Larry Sr. writes for. The real story is how Larry Sr. has been able finagle 28 straight SB trips out of this gig.

SportsNation Bill Simmons: (11:48 AM ET ) I’ve gotten multiple e-mails about this. What the hell is the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder? It sounds like one of those fake newspapers that Tom Hanks would work at in a romantic comedy or something… and all you need to know about why newspapers are going out of business is that the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder has sent someone to cover 28 SB’s. Good business plan!

Simmons later recants when he learns that the paper is a “newspaper is a longstanding African-American newspaper,” but his point remains. Isn’t sending a reporter to the Super Bowl every year a fantastic waste of money?