Daily Caller’s Boyle: The Internal Memo

As we reported Sunday, The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle is going to work for Breitbart.com. See the internal memo released to staff Sunday morning from Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson…
Some of you have noted the sudden absence of empty Mountain Dew bottles in the newsroom. I can confirm this is indeed a sign that Matt Boyle is leaving. Boyle has taken a job with the Breitbart sites, where he’ll be writing a column.
Boyle started writing for us in the spring of 2010 while still a journalism student at American University. We shortly thereafter convinced him to drop out of school, and the rest is Daily Caller history.
Nobody who has worked with Boyle is likely to forget him. I assume he’ll play a leading role in the memoirs, screenplays and tell-all exposes most of you are secretly writing. For my part, I’m glad he worked here and wish him well.