The ABCs of Fashion in ’08


And yet another “things to come” list for 2008. This time around, it’s a nice primer for those of us who are fashion design challenged in the Telegraph‘s “The A to Z of What’s Hot for 2008.” It’s told like an ABC book for kids, going letter by letter, right down the list of twenty-six. But instead of valuable alphabet lessons, such as “H is for Hippopotamus” (something we only recently just learned), it highlights everything going on right now in fashion, which serves as both a nice bit of information for those a little shaky on such knowledge, as well as highlighting how weird the world of fashion is. Case in point:

I is for Ironic Parisian pop
French MySpace phenomenon the Teenagers enter the real world in March with an album, while the glamorous Parisienne rapper Uffie and female threesome Yelle join the Gallic invasion. Suddenly, French singers are significantly sexier than their British equivalents. That hasn’t happened since Sacha Distel.

We don’t know what any of that means. We’re not sure we want to find out either.