Ten Thousand Things Asks Designers to Stop Acing Like Divas


Finally, to end this writer’s day on a piece of op-ed, the site Ten Thousand Things has a fun post up called “Dear Colleagues,” which asks designers to lay off being so dang cocky. It’s a good, quick read and particularly something to hold on to and potentially pass along to co-conspirators when you’re complaining about those people you’ve run into at conferences or, heck, maybe even share an office with. But we do think that if the writer of the post were to spend any time in the big budget ad agency world, or in fashion, or, god forbid, around high profile artists, designers would start looking much, much better. Here’s a bit:

Seriously people, what’s wrong with you? I don’t know where exactly, but somewhere in between Saul Bass and Joshua Davis, a new breed of designers was born. A breed with tremendous talent (most of them anyway) but with one big flaw: they developed an arrogant attitude and started acting like Divas instead of acting like the professionals they were supposed to be.