Taking Out The Trash, Comments-Free Edition

  • The Post has released their new redesign?

  • Yawn…Another take down of Scott McClellan by David Gregory

  • Check out PBS’ new blog MediaShift.

  • And USA Today’s “On Deadline.”

  • Christopher Hitchens discusses the suit he’s named in.

  • MoDo: “I’ve been congratulating myself in having revived feminism.”

  • Timothy Phelps explains “My Plame Problem — And Yours.”

  • If you thought the Post’s decision to remove comments from post.blog was bad, this is even worse:

      If you haven’t signed up for TimesSelect, The New York Times’ online subscription product, don’t bother e-mailing the paper’s star columnists.

      Since the Times put the words of its eight Op-Ed columnists behind a paid wall last September, it has also decided that only TimesSelect subscribers should be allowed to e-mail Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, et al.

  • If you didn’t catch NPR’s Nina Totenberg explain on the Colbert Report last night how she sometimes stands up and smacks her behind during boring Senate confirmation hearings–or Colbert talking about “soaping it up with Totenberg”–catch the rerun tonight at 8:30pm.

  • Our own Garrett Graff argues in favor of more money spent on foreign bureaus.

  • And we’re happy to send the folks at washingtonpost.com — who have had a rough week — into their weekend on a positive note:

      Once again, WashingtonPost.com has cleaned up at the annual awards of the White House News Photographers Association, winning 31 of 90 awards in the “Eyes of History 2006” competition for television journalism.