Taking Out The Trash, 11.28.06

  • Three papers a day seems to be your happy medium.

  • An NBC release states that “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” was the “top-rated network evening newscast, winning the week of November 20-24, 2006 in total viewers, homes and among the key demographic adults 25-54.” “Nightly News” attracted 9.467 million total viewers, 12% more than ABC “World News with Charles Gibson” and a 19% lead over CBS “Evening News with Katie Couric”.

  • Brian Williams will travel to Jordan and will anchor “Nightly News” live from Amman on Wednesday, November 29, 2006. According to the release, Williams will cover President Bush‘s meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

  • DCRTV reports that NPR’s Bebe Moore Campbell died on Monday of brain cancer. She was 56.

  • A tipster writes in about Maltuzi, the company that purchased VandeHarris.com: “Its a web holdings company that owns over 70,000 domain names it buys common mispellings of a popular domains, or domains that the owner has let expire, or in this case probably scooped up this domain after hearing about the new joint venture. It is frequently critizized for cyber squatting.”

    Okay, so let’s play with this domain squatter: How long until we can get them to purchase VandeHarrisWatch.com? (available) (Hat tip to the hot, sexy stud who came up with that url)

  • Yes tipsters: We know that Norah is married to Chef Geoff.

  • Newsweek’s Evan Thomas will be at Politics and Prose tonight at 7 p.m. promoting his new book, Sea of Thunder.

  • Among some of the more polite suggested new names for Capitol Leader:

      The Rosslyn Reader
      The Cable8 Chronicle
      The Washington Capital, with 24-hour coverage of all things Caps, Olie, Ovechkin, etc.
      Hill Call
      Hey, Post: PBBBBT!!
      The Southeast Current or, conversely, The Southwest Current
      The Capital 3rd Wheel (3 is JUST too many!)
      Three’s A Crowd

  • Paul Farhi chats it up.