Taibbi returns to New York Press

Just when you thought he quit or got fired or whatever, papal comedian/columnist Matt Taibbi appears triumphantly in the pages New York Press once again. Page 4 of this week’s paper shows that picture of actor Sean Penn and Taibbi in a boat that everyone else saw last week. The cutline identifies Taibbi only as an “employee of superannuated dino-rock rag.” Has institutional memory at the Press receded this much? Even under Russ Smith, the Press would never overlook the opportunity to castigate a loathed former columnist for being reduced to an oar-boy for a self-righteous actor.

But these guys are new, so they get a free pass for a while. We just hope they remember that New York Press has a long and proud history of calling people on their shit. Especially “old regime” employees who disgust them.

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