Surviving California’s Unemployment Line

bureaucracy paperwork
flickr: Kongharald

California’s Employment Development Department is, we hear, maddening. For one thing, there’s no in-person office you can go to. Everything’s done over the phone or online. (Sounds like it’d be more efficient, in theory, but trust the gubmint to mess it up.) So you fill in your forms, repeatedly dial 1-800 numbers that nobody answers, and wait and wait for an unemployment check that never comes.

But now Tania Khadder, blogging at Unemploymentality, has compiled an impressive list of tips from people who have survived the EDD so you can, too.

The list also hints at how frustratingly awful it must be to be employed in California: tips include “make sure the checkboxes are dark enough to be read by computers” and “if you can’t get through, try the Vietnamese line; the person who picks up will be bilingual.”

Ugh, ugh, ugh, bureaucracy at its worst. Any tips from the trenches in other states?