Sunday’s NYT: The Drive-by Edition

Masters of the Universe? The Wolfe-man speaks: ‘Broadway and the Exchange are like the first thing you see when you enter Disneyland in California. You find yourself in a turn-of-the-last-century town with a trolley and an apothecary and a barber shop. That’s Broadway and Wall Street today.

This is the best City section article we’ve read in a very long time, except it’s in the Arts section. Whatever! Let the recession begin. Tear down these walls!

This is actually in the City Section, and it’s also amazing.

Eliot Spitzer will take your call girl scandal resignation and raise you a temper tantrum.

We highly recommend this book.

Yep, it was a scary, terrible week. But we have a hard time swallowing postmortem declarations like these inside of a five-year window, let alone a five-day one.

You know what they say, the very rich will continue to be rich and own all of the real estate in Manhattan, so don’t hold your breath.