Study: Local Media Site Ads Set the Pace

NEW YORK A new report from the Online Publishers Association concluded that consumers are more likely to take action after viewing ads on local media sites, such as local newspaper, TV station and magazine sites compared to other local online venues.

Newspapers ranked first with 46 percent of consumers taking action after viewing local ads, followed by local TV sites (44 percent), local magazine sites (42 percent), user review sites (39 percent) and portals (37 percent).

Newspaper, TV and magazine sites also attracted significant percentages of consumers who spent more than $500 online in the past 12 months, compared to portal visitors and the general online population.

“Our analysis of Jupiter data finds that consumers are more likely to act on the ads they see on local TV, newspaper and magazine sites. Just as we see on a national scale, media sites outpace portals and all other online media at delivering meaningful advertising results,” said Pam Horan, president of OPA.

Conducted by JupiterResearch for the OPA, the results were based on a survey of 2,069 local online content consumers randomly selected from NPD’s online consumer panel.