Strike Watch: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Right now, it’s only scripted television writers and Broadway stagehands who are striking. But they might soon be joined by the writers of CBS News if the WGA has their way.

The Hollywood Reporter has some quality background information on a strike vote being held at CBS on Thursday and Friday:

A letter sent to Writers Guild of America, East members Monday and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter outlined the company’s position and said it was fair considering “the economic environment.” The company also said WGAE had missed several deadlines to negotiate. A strike authorization vote is being held Thursday and Friday. “The question now facing each bargaining unit member is whether the terms being offered are so onerous and unacceptable as to warrant participation in a strike and the loss of pay that participation in a strike entails,” the memo said. “CBS does not want you to strike, and we hope that you will carefully evaluate the terms of our final offer against the uncertainty of a strike in determining what is best for you and your families.” CBS also called the employees’ attention to federal law that said individual workers are not “automatically obligated” to strike and could choose to cross the picket lines. It did mention that the union could fine members who cross, however. WGAE could not be reached for comment on the letter Monday. Nearly 500 writers, graphic artists, editors and producers at CBS News in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington are set to meet Thursday night to decide whether to authorize a strike.

FBNY hears from its sources among the CBS News writers that a strike is likely. If the strike does go on, it will include writers, editors, producers and desk assistants including those at WCBS as well.