Sportswriter Lisa Olson Quits NY Daily News

lupica.jpg has reported that Lisa Olson has left her post as Sports columnist at The Daily News. Olsen’s September 17, 1990 sexual harassment incident was called by American Journalism Review ”a watershed moment for women in sports journalism.” Olson, then a Boston Herald journalist, was interviewing the New England Patriots post-game inside their locker room when she suffered that incident of intimidation. Olson ultimately settled the incident with the Patriots out of court.

Olsen’s resignation from The Daily News, apparently, was a result of legendary sports journalist Mike Lupica’s influence at the paper. From Thebiglead:

”The story we’re hearing: The Daily News sent several writers to cover the Packers/Giants playoff game. After the Giants stunning overtime victory, the crew decided what they were going to write, and then conducted interviews in the locker room and returned to their computers. Standard newspaper stuff. Apparently, after everyone had begun writing, Lupica decided to switch topics, effectively screwing Olson. This caused her to turn her column in late, irritating the New York office — even though it was Lupica’s fault for switching on the fly late on a Sunday night, with deadline looming. Because the entire staff lives in fear of the little man, nobody spoke up on Olson’s behalf.

”Days go by. The paper finally comes to a decision on whom to send to the Super Bowl. Over 35 names are on the list. Amazingly, that list does not include Olson, who many believe to be the paper’s best writer. We are told she quit on the spot. Allegedly the paper is trying to get her to return, but she has stood firm.”

The Super Bowl matchup is, ironically, between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Olson has been covering the Giants for The Daily News all season. Full story here.

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