Speak Up Asks “Now What?” and We’re Asking the Same Thing

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Armin Vit‘s posted some kind of manifesto over at Speak Up, except we’re not really sure what it’s a manifesto for:

Speak Up became notorious for its I-have-nothing-to-lose brash attitude that attacked, questioned and poked everything in its way…Designers loved it. There had never been anything like it. We were the fight that broke out in a bar that everyone gathered ’round to see and would throw in a beer bottle every now and again.

The glory days! Oh, the memories! To be a young blog again!

In the past twelve to sixteen months, however, we’ve run out of questions and even perhaps out of steam. Some of us (authors) have gone from outsiders to insiders…We have done it all. We started to get repetitive and, well, sometimes even boring.

Oh god, the real world! Mid-life crisis! Comb-over!

With this new outlook on Speak Up, we hope to bring you Design Relevance. We will do it with strong opinions and, when possible, with flair. We will share our views on what we find interesting, in the spirit that you will consider everything for its design values.

Huh? What does this mean? Values? Is this some Tony Robbins crap? We were bummed until we saw this comment:

Bah. Let’s get back to throwing beer bottles.

Woooooooo! Kegger at our place!!!