Skeptic Michael Shermer is Blogging at True/Slant

156px-Shermer_wiki_portrait4.jpgMichael Shermer author and publisher of Skeptic Magazine is now at True/Slant. He was gracious enough to give us a moment of his time to ask him about it:

FBLA: Does this mean we can call you a blogger? As in, “we’re interviewing a blogger right now”?

MS: Yup, I’m officially a blogger now, so I can use colloquialisms, like “yup.”

FBLA: Are you skeptical about this whole old media thing now that you’re a blogger?

MS: I’ve always been skeptical of the media, ever since I saw a story on the news on a topic that I actually knew something about, and I could see exactly where and how the reporting was wrong, and that made me wonder what I was being told (and accepting uncritically) about subjects I knew next to nothing about, which is most of the news.

FBLA: Who’s your favorite True/Slant blogger (save Matt Taibbi)?

MS: Tina Dupuy is my favorite True/Slant blogger, because she speaks truthiness/slantiness to power.

FBLA: Good pick. We also would have accepted Matt Fleischer as an answer. What can we look forward to on your page?

MS: Science and politics, science and economics, science and society, and science and sex (the latter thrown in so I can get more followers).

FBLA: Oh you bloggers are all alike.

Thanks Michael! Check out his page here.