Six Degrees of IWP

Forget Kevin Bacon. In DC, we can play this game with Inside Washington Publishers. Here, a look at how Inside Washington Publishers is to blame (or credit) for the state of congressional coverage in America.

IWP, as employees call it, publishes a bunch of hyper-insider newsletters on defense, environment and other policy matters. Headquartered in Crystal City, insiders say it was “niche before niche was cool.”

Today’s hill rags are loaded with IWP alums- in fact all three are run by IWP’ers. Charlie Mitchell at Roll Call, Bob Cusack at the Hill (sources tell us friends still call him “OSHA Bob” because he ran “inside OSHA”) and Politico’s Jim VandeHei, who started at New Fuels Report.

Other IWPers at the “Big Three”- Jim Snyder at The Hill, John Bresnahan at Politico, and John Stanton, Paul Singer and Keith Koffler at Roll Call.

“Al Sosenko, who runs IWP, is a genius in ways we had no ability or time to appreciate in the 90s. He took a bunch of young guys, gave us tremenous freedom and demanded we write tons of insidery stories often under high pressure deadlines. Its no accident that today all of us in different ways are involved in producing, well, tons of insidery stories under tight deadlines,” VandeHei tells FBDC.

Update: The Hill’s Ian Swanson also started at IWP.