Shuster/Blackburn: The Feedback

Some FishbowlDC readers are reacting to this situation:

    “david shuster was COMPLETELY right to ask the question. and the address records bear that out. Furthermore, all members of congress should know who, from their office, is dying in this war. no matter what your take on the war is, everyone needs to be full cognizant of its consequences. and holding politicians accountable is completely appropriate and frankly, not done enough. bravo, david!”

    “Shuster did his job. Marsha didn’t. Most Members of Congress place calls to the parents of soldiers killed. If you’ve ever been witness to such a conversation, you’ll agree with me – those conversations are not easy to forget. And you remember not just the kid’s name, but what we lost with their death. Did Marsha have the respect to even call the family? If she did, she apparently didn’t listen.”

    “What a lousy way to apologize for a HUGE mistake against a sitting U.S. Representative, squeezed in-between commercials during a cluster. The cover up is always worse than the crime.”

    “MSNBC’s David Shuster definitely crossed the line, using a dead U.S. soldier as a political pawn. I’m sure Jeremy Bohannon’s family doesn’t appreciate their dead son’s name being used in a game of gotcha.”

    “I like Shuster and I liked the question but I feel like it was over the top and unnecessary to use the kids name. He already had what he needed to make his point with Blackburn and should have stopped there. As far as Abrams goes… He jumped the gun.”

    “that was a typical liberal sarcastic remark you made about the shuster ranting he displayed against REP. BLACKBURN at the end of your article, maybe she forgot she was not on FOX NEWS, I guess you could say maybe last Sunday when hillary was on FOX NEWS with Chris Wallace and she did her usual laughing when she cannot answer a question with truthful answers she forgot she was not on cnn or msnbc or nbc, abc, cbs huh???????? please, I hate it when you show your bias on here when its suppose to be fair reporting, shuster made an a__ out of himself in his quest to badger this women”

    “Re: Report: Bohannon’s ‘last legal address was in Blackburn’s
    district.’ That may be so, but what was his “Home of Record”? That would determine which Rep was notified when he was KIA, NOT the last address.”

    “The last home of Census record before being shipped off to the Army
    is not necessarily the same as his official address when he was
    killed. A member of the military can designate a home address that
    remains permanent when they are transferred from place to place. This
    is often his parent’s address. That’s what my father did, for example. Secondly, the Department of the Army has released the casualty announcement for Pvt. Bohannon, which shows that it was sent to Tanner’s office, not Blackburn’s. This suggests, though admittedly
    not definitively so, that his address of record was in Tanner’s district. But it certainly makes it more understandable why Ms.
    Blackburn did not know the name of Pvt. Bohannon. It does remain, however, that she didn’t know the name of the last casualty in her district *as determined by the military*.”

    “And this backs up Schuster. Look at the DoD release on his death. It shows the Blackburn District address