Hollywood Reporter Responds to Sharon Waxman Accusations

Last Friday afternoon, Sharon Waxman made like Nikki Finke and accused a Hollywood trade rival of failing to properly credit her website’s scoops. Except in this case, rather than it being a matter of Deadline.com vs. TheWrap, it was all about TheWrap vs. The Hollywood Reporter.

Waxman alleges that four recent TheWrap “exclusives” about Universal Motown Records, Comcast, Relativity Media, and Epic Records were subsequently picked up without a courtesy link by, respectively, THR reporters Shirley Halperin, George Szalai, Kim Masters, and (again) Halperin. Waxman was bylined on both the Comcast and Relativity Media pieces and says that as a result, she emailed THR executive editor Owen Phillips to complain about the lack in those two instances of a link back to TheWrap.

“We are careful to acknowledge original sources, even from small blogs, but only when they are factually accurate,” Phillips told FishbowlLA this morning. “If someone is looking for a way to drum up attention for herself, so be it. We wish them well.” In his email correspondence with Waxman, Phillips agreed that a link to her May 30th Comcast piece would be added to the corresponding THR article.

Still, from Waxman’s point of view, the lack of a follow-up conversation between the two organizations about reciprocal linking policies and last week’s alleged failure by the Reporter to credit TheWrap’s June 14th info about L.A. Reid joining Epic Records adds up to just one thing. TheWrap, she writes, will no longer courtesy-link from its end to THR.