Seriously, Who Asked This?

Another gem from Ana Marie Cox and Tucker Carlson’s WaPo Balance of Power” online chat…

Washington, DC: The whole celebrity journalist thing sort of fascinates me. How often do you get approached by fans (or people who don’t like you, but still read/watch you)? Do you sign autographs? Do people try and draw you into policy conversations to explain why you’re wrong about something? Do you mostly wish people would leave you alone and go back to hassling the Real World kids?

Ana Marie Cox: I assume this question is for Tucker but I do appreciate him taking the time to explain to me why I am wrong about things!

Tucker Carlson: It’s a huge problem. In fact I was complaining about it just this morning to one of my servants (the man who dresses me, I think), who made an excellent point: When the crowds of autograph seekers get too thick — preventing me, say, from entering the “celebrities only” entrance of my club — why not use my gold-tipped cane to beat them back? I can’t imagine why I hadn’t thought of it before, but I’m glad he did.