Schwarzenegger: Doesn’t like ads for steroids, penis enlargement

Schwarzenneger.jpgYou might know this already, since it’s from yesterday’s LAT, but apparently Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger continued to enjoy the fruits of his executive-editor position at American Media pubs Flex and Muscle & Fitness. According to the LAT, Schwarzenegger wrote a letter to Flex editor Peter Gough in February denouncing steroid and penis-enlargement ads in the magazines: “These are ads which promote supplements as having almost ‘anabolic steroid’ properties both in the name of the products and the way their benefits are described… For us to be successful in winning our dietary supplement case in the court of public opinion, I feel we need to ensure that we adhere to a higher standard than that shown by these ads.”

But, as we know, he didn’t end the deal until July.

We’ll leave the pithy media analysis to Michael; until then, we’ll just leave you with a list of things that we’d bet Schwarzenegger also doesn’t like:

  • Campaign disclosure requirements
  • This segment from the Daily Show making fun of Schwarzenegger’s puny attempts to fill a pothole (hilarious for many, many reasons, and notable for Samantha Bee making a specifically Canadian reference (“He’d be all over you like a fat kid on a smartie”). I know half of you are Canucks, btw – LA is teeming with you).
  • $10,000-per-plate dinners (oh, whoops, those he likes)
  • The fact that this image is cropped, from a fully-nude version I found on the internet. May we say we’re not entirely sure why the Governor is not behind certain enlargement aids.
  • Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution.

–Rachel Sklar, FishbowlNY