Say it Ain’t So! NYT to Cut City Section?

29stan1.span.395.jpgThis is a bridge too far! Needless to say we are very familiar around these parts with the financial state of newspapers in general, and the New York Times in particular, but today’s news that the Times is planning on cutting its City Section cuts to the quick. Not the City Section! How will we know what the city looked like prior to five years ago? Where will we be able to read the story of last Butcher on Bleeker St (for example)? How will we keep up with the evils of gentrification (otherwise known as the Real Estate section). This is terrible news. Per the NYO‘s report:

The New York Times plans to eliminate several weekly sections, including its stand-alone City Section, newsroom sources have told The Observer. There are also discussions to eliminate the regional weeklies in New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut, and the Friday Escapes section as well, a source said. The timeline is unclear for now, but another newsroom staffer told us that City has only four issues left.

How the City Section got lumped in with those other sections is unclear (to us, anyway). Is it too late to say that the City Section is one part of the paper we would be willing to pay for?