Sam Potts Makes Funny With Jon Scieszka


Websites, in all their usefulness for viewing the internet, have forgotten to be funny. Even sites that are supposed to be fun, funnily, are not funny. But Sam Potts and his astute team of website-makers, have done something that puts all those internet posers to shame. They’ve put the ‘ha’ back into websites with one they created for children’s book author Jon Scieszka. And in case you were wondering, his name sounds like “Fresca,” and there’s a handy pronunciation guide, too. See? FUNNY!

We won’t spoil any of the surprises that you may click across while browsing these funny pages, but we will say we laughed out loud. Twice. Once, however was when we saw the photo of Scieszka, above, and thought, man, isn’t that guy a little creepy-looking to be writing kids’ books?