Russert In Da Club

On Friday, Tim Russert became the first television journalist to be admitted into the prestigious Gridiron Club (a club that historically has only admitted newspaper reporters [they recently changed their rules to include broadcast and periodical journalists], only has 60 active members at any given time, and that refers to itself as “Washington’s oldest and most prestigious journalistic organization”). Copley Newspaper’s Bureau Chief George Condon and Buffalo News Bureau Chief Douglas Turner sponsored Russert.]

Although this is newsworthy, Russert’s admittance has long been rumored. Harry Jaffe had heard back in March that Russert would be inducted during their March ceremony…only to see that not happen.

Read more about the Gridiron’s storied history here.

Always one to burst Timmy’s bubble, Arianna Huffington (and Tom Maguire and Accuracy In Media and Mickey Kaus…) stays on his hide.