Roy Greenslade’s Take on the Daily Mail

Nina Jones, London correspondent for Women’s Wear Daily, has shared a thought-provoking Q&A with Roy Greenslade, media critic for both The Guardian and Evening-Standard. FishbowlNY was especially taken with the journalist’s thoughts on the success of Mail Online, the world’s most read daily newspaper website.


Greenslade frames the gargantuan success of Mail Online as a rebirth of tabloid journalism. He goes on to suggest that those toiling in the operation’s titillation-trenches view their positions very much as a mixed blessing:

“I know many of the young people who work on Mail Online, and the truth is they can’t get any other jobs. They hate doing it, they hate rewriting everyone and scouring the magazines and writing silly captions about scantily clad celebrities, but the decline of the number of journalism jobs means that they are virtually forced to sell their souls to go and do that.”

“I think that the important thing people don’t realize is that newspapers are not a democracy, they are an autocracy, perhaps one of the last major autocracies in business. You are not protected by your union because… union strength has diminished to the point of being largely irrelevant. You are at the beck and call of people who can, if they don’t like your face, get rid of you fairly easily. And of course many, many people now are not hired on staff but hired as casuals, or interns or work experience and they’re at the mercy of their employers.”

When Jones asks Greenslade about differences between UK and U.S. coverage of the current Middle East crisis, he asserts that all media outlets are biased. Read the full WWD conversation here.