Ross Lovegrove Attempts to Predict the Future


Ross Lovegrove, he of the pointy grey goatee, has been chatted up by CNN for their feature “Just Imagine…What Will Life Be Like in 2020?” (we don’t really understand the reason for the ellipses either). In the interview, Lovegrove speculates on all sorts of things, from architecture to city life to what exactly “modern” will be after we’ve been in the “modern” age for almost hundred years already. Although he doesn’t predict a future filled with cyborg dragons and electric sno-cones like we’re really hoping for (hence Stephanie’s multiple tattoos which portray both in great detail), it’s still a pretty good conversation with a guy who will probably help deliver us whatever we’re into come 2020:

I have to think about the future because, not that I’m bored with it now, but I can’t live now, it’s not my place to live now. I’ve got to live ahead of myself. I think that’s a kind of beautiful thing and I often say everything that I visualize in here, everything that I could draw, or create to show people has been influenced by my life experiences, what I see, what I know, what I learn, everything.