Roll Call’s Interim Editor Greets Reporters, Donuts Included at Morning Meeting

At 10 a.m. today, Roll Call‘s interim Editor Scott Montgomery held an introductory tall hall style meeting to get acquainted with reporters and other editorial staff. Dunkin Donuts were provided. CQ-Roll Call Editorial Director Mike Mills, who was involved in the resignation of Editor Charlie Mitchell last week, was not present.

The gist of the meeting was, “Hi, I’m the new guy, I’m not here to impose major change,” as one attendee relayed to FishbowlDC.

The feeling in the room, however, was, “Obviously a lot of concern. Are we doing anything wrong? I think that question comes up in every meeting, and the answer is, ‘I don’t know of anything that anyone’s doing wrong. I wasn’t sent here with a mission. Let’s keep striving for excellence.'”

But sadness lingers. The Roll Caller, referencing Mitchell’s departure, said,  “It’s just going to take time to go through that.”

The number of reporters in attendance did not indicate that a large number of scribes had skipped out on the meeting. There is a publication to put together together today, and some reporters were busy meeting deadlines. Montgomery did not appear to editorial staff to be looking too far down the road. “I don’t think he knows he wants to be a candidate for the full-time job,” said the attendee.