Roll Call Continues Long Obsession With Botanic Garden

Roll Call writes a piece this week about the new exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Garden, which “whisks its audience to Scotland’s most captivating gardens” with 40 huge photos taken by Allan Pollok-Morris. Actually, it was a relatively brief 772 words but it just felt long. Yes, the U.S. Botanic Garden is now plastered with pictures of other gardens from another country.

In December 2008, Roll Call claimed that “for many Washingtonians, the holidays aren’t complete without a trip to the Botanic Garden Conservatory” and in a different piece, suggested a visit to the Garden to “put some sparkle in date night.”

In 2009, Roll Call reported on a sculpture exhibit visiting the Botanic Garden. Last year, they wrote an entire article on a new collection of begonias.

Granted, the Botanic Garden is on Capitol Hill, and Roll Call is the newspaper of Capitol Hill. But really? The Botanic Garden beat? There are 70 matches for Botanic Garden on the site.

To be fair, Roll Call isn’t the only one with an obsession. The Hill has 13 mentions on its site. In 2006, The Hill put the Jungle Room catwalk of the U.S. Botanic Garden on a list of romantic spots on Capitol Hill, calling it a “popular spot for midday meet-ups” (quickies?). In 2008, The Hill‘s Kate Oczypok profiled the Botanic Garden, which at the time had a “fairly modest staff of 66 plant experts and employees.”