Roland Martin Opens Up on CNN Suspension

Now that Roland Martin’s suspension from CNN is in the rearview mirror, he looks back thoughtfully about what happened in an in-depth interview with Mediabistro (our parent company). Apart from reflecting on getting into trouble on Twitter, Martin lets loose on a wide variety of topics such as  same sex marriage, the Sunday morning shows and golf, his favorite pastime.

An excerpt:

Looking back, what are your thoughts now on your month-long suspension from CNN for your Super Bowl tweet about David Beckham? First of all, my thoughts were the same then — I was cracking on soccer and that’s what I talked about. It happened, you deal with it and you move on. My deal is, if you spend significant amounts of time freaking out and going nuts, you’ll simply go crazy. My philosophy is very simple: You keep it moving.

He also reasoned, “What always cracks me up is when people want to come at you and give you attitude, and, when you return it, they want to get all sensitive about it.”

On the topic of the Sunday morning political shows, he argued they lack diversity. But almost worse, he finds them largely unwatchable. “It bores me every Sunday when I see the same senators, the same folks, as opposed to being able to introduce different and varied guests that I think would be of interest to a diverse audience,” he said.
Read the full interview here.