A Crunchy Profile of Organic Life EIC Jim Oseland

Blessed by food pope Alice Waters, former Saveur magazine chief says he is full of clarity.

OrganicLifeSeptOctIssueVia the entertainment pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer, former-staffer-turned-freelancer Lini S. Kadaba shares her recipe for a winning profile.

1) Start with an arresting photo. (In this case, Clem Murray’s ground-level view of a 52-year-old New York transplant tilling a field of Swiss chard.)

2) Add in a tasty, playful lede:

EMMAUS, Pa. – It’s crunch time at Rodale’s Organic Life – and not the kind that involves granola or carrot sticks.

3) Season with a liberal amount of anecdotes. In that regard, the one involving Alice Waters’ interruption of a meal at NYC’s ABC Kitchen is great. There’s also this tidbit about the forthcoming third issue put together under the meticulous watch of EIC Jim Oseland, previously at Saveur magazine:

This former teen punk rocker known as “Jimmy Neurosis” (also the title of his next book) was a high school dropout who grew up “hard and fast” in Bay Area California – office products salesman dad, homemaker mom.

Yet his promise was always there. At 8, he organized the cleanup of a polluted lake, a story he shares with readers in the September/October issue, which has a water theme.

Oseland, the product of a winding and colorful journalism career that landed him at Saveur in 2005, tells Kadaba that he has never experienced a “level of clairty” like the one now coursing through him at Organic Life. He made a bold move, and so far, it seems to be paying off.

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