AP Profiles New York’s ‘Garbage Guru’

PU, PU, it's off to work she goes.

Video journalist Ted Shaffrey has a fun one today, all about someone who no doubt is especially appreciative of the fact that we are exiting New York’s smelliest months.

Robin Nagle’s official New York Department of Sanitation title is anthropologist-in-residence. She is also an author and NYU prof. Nagle spoke a few weeks ago at the Museum of the City, and has another talk scheduled for Sept. 17 at the Brooklyn Historical Society titled “How Brooklyn Works: Trash Pick-Up.” Check out her very unusual beat, above.

Nagle tweeted out some kudos to the Washington Post for their headlining of the AP companion print story. The paper went with: “Trash to Treatise: NYC Professor Sees Meaning in Garbage.”