New York Post Reporter Leaves Behind 2 More Novels

Novelist and retired reporter Kieran Crowley was 66.

KieranCrowleyHackKieran Crowley logged 36 years at the New York Post before retiring in 2013. He was based in the Long Island bureau and was inducted into the local Press Club’s Hall of Fame shortly after his retirement.

Crowley passed away over the weekend at age 66, but his prose will continue to flourish thanks to his successful sideline career as a novelist. From the Newsday obituary by Rachel Uda:

Crowley penned several true-crime and mystery-thriller novels, including Sleep My Little Dead: The True Story of the Zodiac Killer and Almost Paradise: The East Hampton Murder of Ted Ammon. He was a prolific writer, with the “rare ability to write fiction and nonfiction equally well,” said Jane Dystel, Crowley’s literary agent of 20 years.

His most recent book, Hack, was published last October and centers on a columnist at a New York tabloid who finds himself hot on the trail of a notorious serial killer.

The sequel to Hack, Shoot, is set to be published this fall. A second novel completed by Crowley before his death will also eventually be released. RIP.

Jacket cover courtesy: Titan Books