Reporter Turns Tables on Videobomber Before Super Bowl

Okay, as everyone gears up for Super Bowl Sunday, one can only imagine how hyped up New Orleans is for the big day.

Well, Jessica Sanchez, correspondent from Orlando’s CBS affiliate, experienced this first-hand when an inebriated 49ers fan videobombed her live shot.

Instead of ignoring the fan, Sanchez promptly engaged her in an interview. Not just any ol’ interview, mind you. The story was about sexually transmitted diseases; Sanchez asked the story crasher if she has one.

Although it could have seemed humorous to the viewer, Sanchez’s professionalism is getting either praise or criticism.

According to SB Nation, an unnamed editor commented on the live shot: “Just think making fun of someone for having an STD is pretty hacky/borderline irresponsible to do on TV.”

As for another point, an unnamed editor remarked, “She was drunk and ruined [a] live shot. She deserved that and worse.”

What do you think?