Rand Paul Regrets Appearing on Maddow; Maddow Responds


Rand Paul, a GOP Kentucky candidate for Senate, will not be appearing on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show again anytime soon, despite the fact that the pair have had a good relationship in the past. A year ago he announced his candidacy on her show. Last night, he appeared on the show again — this time in a contentious exchange about the Civil Rights Act.

Rand broke the news to HuffPost‘s Sam Stein:

“It was a poor political decision and probably won’t be happening anytime in the near future,” the Tea Party endorsed Senate candidate told the Laura Ingraham show on Thursday morning. “Because, yeah, they can play things and want to say, ‘Oh you believed in beating up people that were trying to sit in restaurants in the 1960s.’ And that is such a ridiculous notion and something that no rational person is in favor of. [But] she went on and on about that.”

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MSNBC had no comment by FBDC press time about Paul declaring he won’t return as a guest on Maddow’s show anytime soon.

Update #1: From a MSNBC spokesperson: “Dr. Paul is welcome back on The Rachel Maddow Show any time.”

Update #2: This just in from Maddow: “I’ve really enjoyed all my interviews with both Drs. Paul – it was an honor that Rand Paul chose to announce his Senate candidacy on my show last year, and I hope he’ll come back again. Anyone campaigning to be part of a federal lawmaking institution should expect to be asked, even pressed, on his or her views of the appropriate reach of federal law.

“For years, I’ve felt that the relationship between Ron Paul supporters and establishment conservatism is one of the most interesting, relatively-unexplored dynamics in modern US politics. I intend to keep covering it, and I hope that Rand Paul and Congressman Ron Paul and members of the movement they’ve inspired will continue to be willing to participate in the conversation.”