Ramos on The Kelly File: ‘As Journalists We Have to Take a Stand’

One Trump fave interviews another.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.47.43 AMThe premise was like a club: the league of journalists who got into it with Donald Trump. With a knowing smile, The Kelly File host Megyn Kelly asked her guest on last night’s show, Fusion and Univision host Jorge Ramos, “How does it feel to be caught in the crosshairs of a billionaire presidential frontrunner?”

“Well you know exactly how it feels,” says Ramos, who was kicked out of a Donald Trump press conference Tuesday after attempting to get Trump to answer a question on immigration.

“The only thing I wanted to do is to ask a question,” says Ramos. “He tried to silence me, and in this country you cannot do that. I’m a reporter, and I have the right in this country to ask any question I want to whomever I want.”

Later Kelly would ask Ramos why he would expect Trump to call on him, considering Trump’s animosity toward Univision, which began with the network’s decision to drop the Miss Universe pageant in the wake of Trump’s comments on immigration.

In his response, Ramos referenced the link between himself and Kelly as both having been spurned by Trump. This time, Kelly was deadpan.

“He’s talking about the fastest growing electoral block in the United States. He’s talking about 16 million Latinos that will go to the polls and might decide the next election. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like it,” said Ramos, “there are questions that need to be answered.” He continued:

The problem is he is not used to being questioned. It happened with you, it happened with your colleagues at Fox News…. He hates is when he is being confronted. As journalists…we have to take a stand when it comes to racism, discrimination, corruption, public lies, dictatorships and human rights. When he’s expressing those really dangerous words we have to confront him.

Watch the full video below: