Radar Drives Traffic With Julia Allison’s Nipple

rad2ar.jpgLed by the unstoppable Alex Balk, Radar’s Web site has been doing some excellent work lately.

Sometimes, however, they get a little fast and loose with the URLs of their posts. Take, for example, the story about last weekend’s Thrillist trip to Vegas:

Title of post: What I Saw in Las Vegas
URL of the post: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2008/06/thrillist-

The former Starlet doesn’t appear until the end of the first graf and is just one of the many media figures (including FishbowlNY’s own Glynnis MacNicol) throughout the story. We’ll accept adding “Casey” and “Aldridge” to the URL of a post titled Jamie Lynn Spears Delivers A Baby Girl (he’s the baby’s daddy), but the site’s liberties with the Thrillist post strike us as a cheap — yet, we’ll admit, probably ingenious — ploy for extra page views.

We can’t blame them. Someone has to pay for that print magazine.

(Balk politely declined our request for comment.)