Quartz Publisher Doesn’t Want to Discuss Sale

Jay Lauf added that there was nothing to add.

In an interview with Nieman Lab, Quartz publisher Jay Lauf discussed a variety of subjects, from plans for an app to adblocking. The only subject he refused to talk about was the potential sale of Quartz.

Early last month, a rumor was floated that execs at Atlantic Media had talked with “potential buyers interested in digital media about a sale of or potential investment in Quartz.” An Atlantic Media spokesperson quickly brushed off the rumor with the bland statement “Given our ambitions for Quartz, we would be remiss in not evaluating opportunities as they arise.”

Speaking with Nieman Lab, Lauf wan’t interested in adding a thing.

“There’s nothing new to report there at all,” said Lauf. “…The spokeswoman’s quote is the only guidance or quote I would give. There’s really no new development to talk about at this point.”

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