PRNewser Interviews Mediaweek’s Lucia Moses

Our colleague Joe Ciarallo at PRNewser caught up with Mediaweek’s Lucia Moses, who broke the story of Brandon Holley heading to Yahoo! From PRNewser:

”Why do you think Holley went to Yahoo?

”(Moses): For somebody who spent their life in print, clearly the hours and time spent are moving online. If you’ve been the EIC of a magazine, which these days includes having a web counterpart, you want to be where the eyeballs are going. Especially if you are somebody who has been in the space of magazines that reach younger readers, you know that is were your readers are spending oodles of time. You have the opportunity to do something in a fast growing space.

”You can always do another magazine. This is chance to jump where the action is. These huge portals need people who know content.”

The interview also covers the recent layoffs at Business Week and Nick Denton’s taking over the helm at Gawker.