Post About Denton’s Gawker Vacation Pulled By Blog Publisher

nick_denton_travel_and_leisure.jpgWe were recently alerted to Nick Denton‘s vacation photos currently posted on the Gawker founder’s Flickr account and didn’t think much of ’em (other than sizable envy of the Blogfather’s tan). But when they were satirized and subsequently removed by Mediawire Daily, we were curious as to why.

Says Lawrence Thode: “Our publisher asked us to pull it.”


“He laughed his ass off but he said it didn’t fit with Mediawire Daily’s focus.”

What is Mediawire Daily’s focus, you ask? “Media Business News + Gossip + Innuendo,” according to their tagline.

Seems to us Denton in Croatia, if not exactly media gossip, must be innuendo to someone.